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Motorhome Insurance and Campervan Insurance

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Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance

In common with most motorhome owners you will want to choose a fully comprehensive insurance policy for your motorhome, motor-caravan or campervan. We can arrange cover for motorhomes up to £60,000 in value. Over £50,000 must have approved tracking device fitted and in service.

If your motorhome is valued at less than £5,000 we can offer Third Party Fire and Theft insurance. See below for more details about this insurance for lower value motorhomes.

The motorhome policy that we arrange is suitable for UK residents, and who use their motorhome mainly for holiday and leisure purposes as it excludes business use. You are able to add cover for travel to and from your regular place of work. In many cases commuting can be added for no additional cost.

Motorhome Insurance Comprehensive Benefits

In addition to the usual comprehensive motor insurance cover which includes risks such as accidental damage fire, theft and liability to third parties, this policy provides a range of motorhome specific benefits which are listed below.

  • Awning, gas bottles and camping equipment is covered up to £3,500
  • Alternative accommodation or travel - If as a result of accidental loss or damage to your motorhome you are unable to continue your journey the insurer will pay - up to £300 for 3 nights accommodation or the for the additional cost of travel up to £300.
  • Towing a trailer - many motorhome owners want to be able to tow a trailer and it is good to know that your liability for towing is covered by this policy. The liability cover for towing a caravan, trailer or broken down vehicle is included so long as the towing you are doing is allowed by law and providing it is properly attached by equipment manufactured for the towing being done. Caravanwise also offer fully comprehensive caravan insurance.
  • Cover is extended to include EU and associate countries for up to 180 days
  • If your keys are stolen the cost of replacing locks is covered up to £750
  • Personal Accident benefit of up to £5,000 if the injury is directly related to an accident involving the insured motorhome.
  • Dedicated 24hr/365 days a year coverage from Highway’s own UK based claims team.

Significant Exclusions

  • Driving other vehicles is excluded
  • The excess shown on your schedule of insurance

Some Important limits of our Comprehensive Motorhome Policy

  • Maximum sum insured £60,000. Over £50,000 must have approved tracking device fitted and in service.
  • Maximum annual mileage 12,000 miles

Limited Mileage This is a limited mileage motorhome policy which means that you are fully covered up to the limit that you have selected that is shown on your insurance schedule. If you exceed this limit then cover becomes restricted solely to that required by the Road Traffic Acts, see here legal minimum insurance. You can select a mileage limit up to a maximum of 12,000 miles.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Motorhome Insurance

The legal minimum insurance for you to drive on UK roads is Third Party insurance.

Third Party This covers you if you have an accident and/or cause damage or injury to some one's property, to them, an animal or their vehicle. Your liability for that damage or injury to the third party is covered by this policy and all motor insurance policies sold in the UK. In addition the third party fire and theft motorhome policy arranged by Caravanwise covers your vehicle for any damage caused by fire and for loss if your motorhome is stolen. It does not offer any cover for accidental damage to your vehicle or for any of the special motorhome cover provided by a comprehensive motorhome policy. You should think carefully if the savings you will make of the insurance premium are worth it for the reduced cover you will have when compared to a comprehensive policy.

Some Important limits and benefits of Third Party Fire and Theft cover

  • Maximum sum insured £5,000
  • Maximum annual mileage 12,000 miles
  • Cover is extended to include EU and associate countries for up to 180 days
  • Driving other vehicles is excluded
  • £100 fire and theft excess

Older Motorhomes and Classic Campers Covered

We can arrange cover for older motorhomes. Whilst many policies stop at 20 years, we are happy to quote and continue to offer renewal on your vehicle, up to 100 years old.

Japanese Import Camper Insurance

We can arrange cover for Japanese and many other imported campervans and motorhomes. This includes purpose built vehicles, that come out of the manufacturers factory as a motorhome or camper van, and conversions no matter whether these are completed by professional converters, or self built from scratch or from a kit. So if you have a Mazda Bongo camper, Nissan Elgrand camper, Toyota Hiace camper or for that matter any other Japanese Imported campervan and are looking for a competitive campervan insurance quote give us a call on 0800 3282084 as we don't have them all listed on our on-line quote system. Our quotes for Japanese Imports are exactly the same as for other motorhomes and campervans on exactly the same rates and terms.

Why choose Caravanwise for your Campervan Insurance

Not all motorhome and campervan policies are the same. The Caravanwise Insurance policy is provided by Highway, Part of LV= and is the only motorhome insurance policy that we arrange. We don't give advice on choice of policy, but will provide you with the main details of cover and any significant exclusions, then leave the final decision to you. It is important to understand that no advice can be given by Caravanwise as to the suitability of the policy and you are solely responsible for ensuring that the policy is suitable for your needs. You therefore need to carefully read the policy booklet, schedule of insurance and certificate when you receive them to ensure that you have bought the cover you need. There is a 14 day cooling off period during which you may cancel the policy without giving any reason for doing so. If you use this, cancellation within 14 day, right you will be charged for the period of cover that you use and you will not have the non-refundable fee charged by ourselves returned. The remainder of your premium will be returned.

Caravanwise first started arranging insurance for motorhomes in 1999. Since that time we have built an enviable reputation for dealing with our motorhome clients in a fair, prompt and extremely professional manner. We have built knowledge about the needs of motorhome owners and camper van DIY converters and self builders in particular. We aim to make dealing with us as easy as possible and work very hard to provide the service that you need at a competitive price.

Easy instant on line Quotations

The following links take you to pages which summarise what we can and can't do in terms of cover details and important limits. This is intended to save you time when filling in motorhome insurance quote forms. For example our maximum sum insured is £60,000 for comprehensive policies and £5,000 for third party fire and theft. We are unable to arrange cover if you have not been a UK resident for at least 3 years or have not held a full UK licence for 2 or more years or if you are under 25 years of age or over 80 at inception (when your insurance starts). If you are trapped by one of these issues then you'd just be wasting your time to start filling the quote forms in and we don't want to waste your time. We try and list all of the gotchas before you get a quote.

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