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Campervan Insurance and Motorhome Insurance

Do you need special insurance for a campervan?

Yes, you should consider a specialist motor policy tailored for campervans. Read on for information on what a specialist campervan insurance policy can give you. If you are short of time give us a call on 0800 3282084 and we'll tell you the basics.

All vehicles on UK roads must by law have motor insurance that covers the liability of the driver to other road users. After that the choice is yours but you will probably want fully comprehensive cover that will pay for damage to your campervan. If you read on you will find more information about the campervan policy that we offer including the cover you will get over that offerred by a normal car policy. You'll also see how to get campervan breakdown cover for UK and EU at just £55 a year.

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Are Caravanwise Campervan Insurance Specialists?

Yes, at Caravanwise we have been providing insurance services for leisure vehicles, including campervans, since 1998. In that 25 years we have focused on giving our clients a fair deal and excellent customer service. We want to give you the best service at the cheapest price we possibly can. That way you will stick with us and tell your friends about us.

Caravanwise is a family owned company with a small dedicated team based at our Christchurch Dorset office. The way we are organised means that you will always get to speak to someone who can deal with your enquiry. All of the team do all aspects of administering your policy. Give us a try, just phone 0800 3282084 during office hours and see how we work for you.

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How to Make Campervan Insurance Cheaper

All of the discount factors are already built into our campervan insurance quote system but here are some things that will help you to make savings on the cost of your campervan insurance.

Tips for Saving on Campervan Insurance Premiums

Agree to Limit your Campervan Mileage

The Caravanwise policy is a limited mileage one. The maximum mileage is 12,000 miles but if you do less than this and tell us the lower limit that you want to set, you will get a lower premium. Many camper vans in the UK do less than £5,000 miles a year. If you want to see how many miles you have done over the last few years and your van is older than 3 years old have a look at your MOTs the mileage is always recorded. You can even check your vehicle's MOT history online here: Online MOT Checker

Fit a Motorhome Tracker

Although it may cost you more to have a tracker fitted than you will save on your camper van insurance over the period of a few years the savings can add up and you will have the peace of mind in knowing there is a better chance of your camper being recovered if you have a tracker fitted.

Park Your campervan in a safer place

Always park your campervan on your drive or, for smaller vehicles, in a locked garage.

Join a motorhome or caravan Club

If you are a member of a club or online community we can apply a discount.

Agree to add some Voluntary Excess

This needs a bit of careful consideration but there is a discount if you volunteer to add in some voluntary excess on top of the compulsory excess set bu the insurance underwriter. We are happy to apply and remove this in your quotation so that you can see if you think the savings are worth the limit you would be putting on your cover.

Get Your Campervan Insurance Quote Now

At Caravanwise, we know how much you care about your campervan and how important it is to have the right insurance to protect it. That's why we've made getting a quote as simple as possible for you. Just use our handy instant online quote system, and within minutes, you'll have a tailored insurance quote specifically for your campervan. Don't wait any longer – get a quote now! We won't try to give you advice but we will give you all of the information you need to make your own decision.

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If you're not keen on filling in forms to get a quote give us a call and speak to a helpfull person in our Dorset team. Phone free on 0800 3282084. We'll be happy to give you a quote and you can buy instant cover over the phone. If it is out of office hours we've made our online system quick and easy to use.

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Choose Caravanwise: Your Campervan Insurance Specialists

  • Caravanwise are experts in the field. We have been specialists in caravan insurance, campervan insurance and motorhome insurance since 1998.
  • Limited Mileage for insurance premium savings.
  • Nearly 25 years experience in the leisure vehicle insurance market
  • Caravanwise are easy to deal with. Our Dorset office is just a freephone number away. 0800 3282084
  • Buy instant cover over the phone
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance available - up to £5,000 value
  • Fully Comprehensive cover from a major UK insurer, part of LV. Up to £80,000
  • Easy to buy and easy to change when you need to. Our insurance office is there to help you.

Sick of filling in forms, let us help with that

Of course, we understand that sometimes filling out forms can be tedious and you might prefer a more personal touch. That's where our friendly and knowledgeable team comes in. They're here to help you with the entire process and can even fill in the forms for you, helping you find the perfect policy for your campervan. With Caravanwise, you get both convenience and top-notch customer service when sorting out your campervan insurance. So why not give us a call for free and let us take care of all the paperwork for you? After you have bought your policy, we will send you a completed form. You'll just need to check it, sign the form if you are satisfied that it is true, complete and accurate, and return it in the reply paid envelope provided. It is as easy as that. Get a quote today, phone free on 0800 3282084. Our team will be happy to give you a quote and you can buy instant cover over the phone.

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Pay for your campervan insurance by Direct Debit
payment options and pricing

If you want our cheapest price you should pay annually but, if you would rather spread the cost, we can set up a consumer credit account with CCF (BNP Paribas) so that you can pay by monthly Direct Debit. The interest rate is 12.5%. We will ask you to pay a 20% deposit so for example if your premium is £250 you will pay a £50 deposit. 12.5% is then added to the remaining premium. This £225 is collected over a ten month period at £22.50 per month. You will end up having paid £275 for your insurance. In the table is an example based on a premium for campervan insurance of £250. It is just an example and your premium might be more or ir may be less. We are happy to give you full details of DD payment when you get a quote based on the actual premium quoted.

Insurance Premium Example - Paid By Direct Debit
Example premium £250
Deposit percentage 20%
Deposit amount £50
Remaining premium £200
Interest rate 12.5%
Interest added £25
Total payable £275
Monthly payment over 10 months £22.50

The APR is 29.85% which sounds like a lot but what it means in the example above is that you have paid £25 for the credit. Caravanwise Limited is Authorised by the FCA as a credit broker and we will be paid a small commission for setting up your agreement. As you can imagine this is such that it doesn't cover our costs but we offer it as a service to customers to allow you to split the cost of your insurance into smaller chunks. We have used round numbers here to make it more understandible.

Campervan Coverage: Catering to All Types and Models

Buy campervan Insurance for all types of camper vans from DIY Self Build conversions, to Volkswagen campervans that were professionally built by Westfalia. We can arrange good value insurance for Japanese imports such as Mazda Bongos regardless of whether they came out of the Mazda factory as camper vans or were imported as an Multi Purpose Vehicles and converted by one of the growing number of professional specialist camper converters.

If you have one of these campervans or are planning to buy or convert one yourself why not get a quote from Caravanwise for your insurance, it only takes a few minutes and you could join the fast growing Caravanwise client base who are pleasantly surprised by our affordable rates and flexible approach. Call us on our direct line 0800 3282084 for an instant campervan insurance quote. If you like it you can buy it to put your van on cover immediately. We cannot give you advice on the choice of insurance policy but we will try to make sure you have all of the information you need to make a decision for yourself.

Campervan Type Instant Cover Available
Japanese Import Campervans
LHD Campervans
DIY Campervans
Self Built Campervans
Mazda Bongo Campervans
VW Campervans
American Motorhomes
Hymer Campervans
European Campervans
Professional Conversions
Purpose Built Campervans
Micro Campers
Day Vans
Hi-Top Campervans
Pop-top Campervans
Classic Campervans
Agreed Value Speak to us

Campervan Commuting

In most cases can include insurance for you to use your campervan for commuting to work. This will cost a little more and we cannot include it for some occupations. Ask about this option when you get a quote.

Limited Mileage Campervan Insurance for a cheaper premium.

Our campervan insurance policy sets a maximum mileage limit. You choose how many miles you plan to do up to 12000 miles. Research shows that the vast majority of motorhomes and camper vans in fact do less than 6000 miles a year. Just look at 10 year old vehicles for sale with mileages in the 50 or 60000 mile range to see the truth in this one. If you are going to use your camper as a daily vehicle and 12000 miles is not going to be enough then this is not the policy for you. We can't advise you on this, only you will know.

Tailored Campervan Insurance for Your Needs

  • Insurance that can include commuting to and from work.
  • Camping equipment, awnings and gas bottles are automatically cover for up to £3,500.
  • European Cover: The insurance you select is automatically extended to include European Union member states and associates countries such as Norway and Switzerland for up to 180 days. You don't need to tell us when you are going to the EU as cover is automatically included.
  • Trailer towing is included as standard. This provides liability insurance for you to tow a trailer or caravan with your campervan so that you are insured and may therefore tow atrailer legally on the road. It does not cover you for losses to the trailer such as accidental damage or theft, for that you need trailer or caravan insurance.
  • Generous discounts for limited mileage.
  • Third party fire and theft insurance available for vehicles up to £5,000 in value. Insurance that covers you for damage caused to another person's vehicle, as well as fire and theft damage to your own vehicle.
  • Older vehicles, even up to 100 years old, covered.
For further information click here: Summary of camper van cover

What is the difference between campervan and motorhome insurance?

There is no difference between Motorhome and Campervan Insurance. Typically a campervan is a van that has been converted into a "motorcaravan" by adding furniture and fittings and may have had a high top or pop up roof added. A motorhome is more likely to have a coach built boddy and come from a motorhome manufacturer as a finished leisure vehicle. They are usually based on the same vans that campervans are. There is no difference in the Caravanwise policy between campervans and motorhomes. They are treated exactly the same and get the same cover. If you are converting a campervan yourself we can help you with cover before it is completed and this then continues once finished. If you get as far as having a bed fitted, and maybe a kitchen pod, you can even insure it as a DayVan at the same rate as a campervan. We cannot include commuting to work cover on a DayVan policy. We ask you to confirm that you have the use of another car for that type of use.

One of the benefits of a smaller camper van over a large, professionally-built motorhome is their versatility. These smaller vehicles can be used every day for shopping and travelling to work as well as for longer trips to all of those places you have always intended to visit but not got around to. Our insurance can cover all of these situations.

Is campervan insurance cheaper than van insurance?

Insurers recognise that many campervan and motor caravan drivers are more experienced, and take more care than the average driver. As a campervan owner you are not only a more careful and considerate driver, you are also more likely to be aware of security precautions. You therefore deserve a lower, cheaper, premium. Our insurance premiums take many factors into account, including where you live, your age, driving experience and the mileage that you plan to do in your camper van. You can obtain a personalised and competitive quote by using our online quote system or by phoning our office on 0800 3282084 during office hours.

Insuring Your VW Campervan

VW campervans, steeped in history and synonymous with adventure, leisure and a laid back lifestyle have captured the hearts of the British motoring public for decades. These iconic Volkswagen vehicles represent the spirit of freedom and inspire a sense of community among owners. Whether it's a classic T2 Split or a modern T6, there's a VW campervan for every taste.

With such cherished vehicles comes the need for reliable and comprehensive insurance. Ensuring your VW campervan is properly insured is crucial for safeguarding your investment and enjoying peace of mind on your travels. A tailored insurance policy should take into account your campervan's unique features, including any modifications or conversions.

To find the right policy for your VW campervan, you really need to work with a specialist insurer who understands the nuances of these vehicles. With the right insurance in place, you can focus on the joy of exploring the UK in your treasured VW campervan. Let us give you a quote today.

Campervan Breakdown Insurance

You can add breakdown cover to your campervan insurance policy for just £55. This cover includes the UK and Europe. More details of breakdown insurance here: Campervan Breakdown Cover

Converted campervan insurance

We arrange insurance for converted campervans and self build campers during and after conversion on the same policy. If you buy a van to convert into a campervan we will arrange insurance for it on a campervan policy and you have 90 days to complete the conversion. If you don't think you will be able to finish your conversion in 90 days once it has a permanently fitted bed we can usually insure it as a day van for the same premium. Once you have completed the conversion, if it doesn't qualify for re-classification as a motorcaravan with the DVLA it may still qualify as a day van with us. Note! We cannot offer commuting cover for dayvans and all of our usual underwriting criteria apply. More camper dayvan insurance details here.

If you buy a fully converted campervan, completed either by a professional or by an individual DIY builder we are happy to quote for cover for your vehicle at standard rates. For more details go to our converted campervan insurance page.

campervan micro campervan Campervan Insurance VW Campervan Insurance

Campervan Insurance for a wide range of campervan types, makes and models

We can arrange cover for any mainstream, original manufacturer, UK or European manufactured motorhomes and campervans including VW campers and Hymer motorhomes. We can arrange cover for many imported motorhomes including Japanese campervans and some American motorhomes, provided they fit the other limits of engine size, number of seats, value etc. Cover can also be arranged for professionally converted vans as well as for self build conversion and DIY campervans. We can even arrange cover for self build conversions during the conversion process provided you finish it and obtain a new V5C showing the correct "Motor Caravan" classification within 90 days. If 90 days isn't enough then please consider our DayVan option.

Award winning camper van insurance claims team

Because Highway Insurance Company is part of LV= you get access to LV's award winning 24 hours a day 365 days a year, UK based, claims team. This gives you fast access where appropriate to Approved Repairers, Vehicle Recovery in the event of an accident, and Windscreen replacement. Approved repairers are often not suitable for larger motorhomes and campervans and you have the option to get quotes for many repairs from a motorhome specialist and submit this to Highway for approval. When you buy a policy arranged direct by Caravanwise you know that you are getting a good deal and if you are ever in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim you will come to appreciate the real value of a policy underwritten by a major motor insurer.

Northern Ireland Camper van Insurance

We are delighted to be able to offer cover for campervans based in Northern Ireland. And because of the unique situation of Northern Ireland, being the only part of the UK that has a land border with another country, the cover that we arrange has a special extension that takes care of that. Temporary cover for use in the Republic of Ireland is included for all Northern Ireland resident campervan insurance clients at no additional cost. This means that you can pop over the border every day or for longer trips. It is only available to Northern Ireland residents whose main place of residence is Northern Ireland. More information here Northern Ireland Motorhome Insurance

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Camper van Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a campervan you should insure it as a campervan. It should save you money vs the cost of van insurance and you'll get cover that suits it's use. The main difference between a van and a campervan is how they are used. If your van qualifies as a campervan, you will probably find that campervan insurance is cheaper than a commercial van insurance policy. Van policies tend to assume that you will be using it like the majority of vans are used and that this is more risky than how campervans are used. So choosing a campervan policy may save you money and ensure you have the right cover for your needs.

Our campervan insurance policy takes into account factors that are unique to these vehicles, such as their custom fittings, appliances, and recreational use. As campervans are designed for leisure purposes they may be exposed to different risks compared to everyday vans but overall they are at less risk and therefore have lower premiums.

Campervan insurance might be cheaper than van insurance due to their distinct usage patterns. Campervans usually cover fewer miles and avoid peak traffic, reducing accident chances. However, they may face other risks like theft or damage due to added appliances and leisure use.

To establish if your camper van insurance is going to be affordable, why not request a tailored quote considering your vehicle, age and value, where you live, your driving history, and intended use. Comparing personalised quotes will help you make an informed decision and enjoy the adventures a campervan offers with the right insurance policy.

If you only do a limited number of miles each year you could buy a limited mileage policy. Often you will pay a cheaper price for lower mileage limits. You could also ask how much discount you would get in exchange for a voluntary additional excess. See the table above for other money saving tips.

Yes, we are very happy to offer insurance for Northern Ireland based campervans. We even have a better rate for campervans based in Northern Ireland. Your normal place of residence has to be in a BT postcode, you would need to usually store and use it in Northern Ireland and you would have to satisfy the underwriter's normal terms for cover. If that is the case Caravanwise can offer you a very competitive rate for your insurance, but the only way to know for sure is to contact use for a quote 0800 3282084.

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