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New for Old - up to 20 years old

This static caravan insurance policy, arranged by Caravanwise can provide coverage on a new for old basis for static caravans up to twenty years old if you select this option and cover the caravan for the full new replacement cost. If you have bought your static caravan on finance it is important that you carefully consider new for old insurance cover. Also you need to check your site contract as some sites insist that, if you have to replace your caravan for any reason, you must replace it with a new one. If this is the case you really should consider new for old insurance cover. Also check with them what they will charge for site clearance and resiting and make sure that you have this cost adequately covered. We can'r advise you on your decision but we are happy to tell you the options so that you can make the best decision to suit yourself.

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In recent years the main cause of insurance claims for static caravans has been storm and flood damage. Many static caravans are sited close to rivers, lakes and low lying areas near to the sea. These sites are delightful in the summer but can be less attractive and higher risk during winter months. We are particularly careful in our selection of sites on which we can arrange coverage. As a result we are able to keep premiums low but we do have areas in which we cannot quote. We also have set a maximum accumulated sum insured on any one site, and therefore, in some cases we have decided not to take any further caravans on a park that is in a low flood risk area. We do not disclose the reason for our decision to not quote.

If you know your caravan site's postcode & get a quote now

Our quote system starts by asking you the postcode of your site. It then checks against our database and as long as your caravan is not either in an area that we, and the underwriter, have decided to avoid taking on further caravans we can provide you with a quote in just a couple of minutes.

If you want to check if your static caravan site or a holiday park that you are considering is in a flood risk area in England you can use the Environment Agency's Flood Map system here.
For Scotland SEPA have a similar system here: Scottish Flood Map. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "View Map".
For Wales the flood map is at: Wales flood risk map
and for Northern Ireland it is here: Northern Ireland flood risk map
If you are struggling to identify exactly where your site is situated on a particular section of the flood map and the postcode is in England and Wales, try Bing maps aerial photograph feature.

Northern Ireland

We are now able to arrange static caravan insurance for Northern Ireland.

Frequently asked questions

Caravanwise can arrange static caravan insurance cover for static holiday caravans sited on UK holiday sites and parks including Northern Ireland. We assess each park for the flood and storm risk. Those that we think are too high a risk we are not able to quote on. Those that are inland and have a low storm and flood risk get a significant discount.

The simple answer is that the Caravanwise Static Caravan Insurance policy provides comprehensive protection, including legal protection, for caravans sited on UK holiday parks (including Northern Ireland) starting from £97. However things are never quite that simple and you will need to get a quotation for your particular holiday caravan to get the true figure. The premium is based on a cost per £1000 for your sum insured which includes the cost of delivery and resiting in the event of a total loss claim. You can elect to insure your caravan new for old until it is 20 years old and in this case you need to establish what your sum insured should be in order to replace it, including delivery and resiting costs, with the same or if no longer manufactured similar caravan or holiday home.

Except in a tiny number of exceptional circumstances, if we are able to quote for static caravan insurance, it will come with storm and flood cover. If a site has a history of flooding we may be able to offer cover "excluding flooding". If your caravan is sited on an area of the park that is never likely to flood you may feel that this is a risk you are prepared to take. We cannot advise you on this so be careful when making your decision. The norm is to provide flood cover, if we can't do this we will make it very clear.

This is a question often asked in search engines. People want to try to find the best static caravan insurance but really asking the question isn't going to get you the right answer. In fact only you can answer what is the best static holiday caravan insurance for you. The policy we offer has been independently rated by experts as 5 star, the highest rating and we are able to offer private use or holiday letting cover, you can select £2 million or £5 million public liability insurance. If you think that a policy offers you the cover that you need and the price seems reasonable then you can have peace of mind from knowing you have made the right choice but at the end of the day the decision is yours.

Caravanwise is a specialist caravan insurance intermediary. We have negotiated an insurance scheme, with a major underwriter, and offer that policy under a joint badge. We have just one policy to offer, and act for the insurer in arranging that insurance. We therefore don't act as broker, as in seeking the best policy for a client from a range of policies, rather we have arranged a policy that has been independently assess by experts and given a 5 star rating. We offer that one policy to all our clients.

Yes you can select holiday letting as an option. If you are only going to let your caravan to friends and family at no charge then you don't need this cover but if you are making a charge you do need it.

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