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Camper van insurance in the UK is amongst the most inexpensive forms of motor or car insurance for a number of reasons these reasons add up to really good value campervan insurance premiums.

Experienced Drivers

Most UK based recreational vehicles ie motorhomes are owned and driven by very experienced careful drivers most likely like yourself. The level of risk that you represent to an insurer is relatively low whatever type of vehicle your drive but a motorhome is special. You are hardly ever in a rush in a motorhome. By the very nature of their use you are most often in your campervan when you are on holiday relaxing and so you tend to take your time.

Motorhomes are almost never driven in rush hour conditions. The Highway specialist vehicle insurance policy unlike other similar motorhome policies gives you the option to choose cover for driving to and from your place of work when you obtain a quotation.

Relaxed Driving Style

The vast majority of motorhomes are used for a few weeks and weekends each year, whilst some people use them as a principal motor vehicle in the same way as they would a car this is the exception rather than the rule. On average therefore a campervan is driven much less than a car and in much more relaxed and safe conditions. The average mileage for a motorcaravan or motorhome is around 5,000 miles a year.

An RV / motorhome / campervan is also at much lower risk of theft than a car.

Cheaper Premiums

Add all of these things together and if you qualify for some of the discounts available you may be surprised at how cost effective our motor insurance quote will be.

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