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Ford Transit - DIY campervan

Ford Transit Campervan
Ford Transit Campervan

As one of the most popular light commercial vehicles in the UK the Ford Transit panel van is widely available and makes a very popular base vehicle for DIY campervan projects as well as for professional converters.

There’s a lot of variants out there in a wide range of sizes, both in terms of physical size and engine capacity. Most are manual transmission and deisel engined. They are available in RWD rear wheel drive or FWD front wheel drive and there are high top, medium top as well as low roof variants. High top may make for an easier conversion but if you want a compact campervan with a pop up top maybe choose a low roof, short wheelbase van for your base vehicle.

Because of their popularity for self build campervan conversion there are a number of suppliers of kits and parts to make your conversion relatively easy. If you have the skills and ability then a Ford Transit makes a good base for a scratch build.

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Second hand prices for Ford Transit Vans in 2022 are relatively high for a number of reasons. Remember that, if you buy from a dealer, the screen price will be plus VAT. The assumption is that the sale will be to a VAT registered business but in your case it will be a private sale. You need to give careful thought to how much of your budget to spend on the base vehicle. You want something that is mechanically and structurally sound to make the expenditure of time, effort and money on conversion worthwhile. There are many stories on Facebook of people who create their pride and joy campervan only to find that it is a rot box. If you are not experienced in buying second hand vehicles it is worth taking someone more knowledgeable and experienced to check out what you are planning to buy and/or get it looked at by a professional to avoid some of the major pitfalls.

Assuming you have bought a good one you need to give it a deep clean first, have it checked over for rust and mechanical issues and make right any problems that are found. You want to give your creation the longest possible life after conversion and it is therefore worth considering having it waxoiled to give the underside some protection from salt and winter conditions.

The Build
The Ford Transit makes a good base vehicle for a complete bespoke DIY campervan project or you can buy kits to give you a head start and a finish more like professionally completed campervan conversions.

Conversion Guide

Window kits
VanDemon window kits

Interior and Furniture Kits
This is not an exhaustive list of kit suppliers for Ford Transit DIY campervan kits and we do not recommend any particular manufacturer, you need to do your own research but this will give you some idea of available options.

Evo design provide flat pack furniture kits to give you a head start. If you don’t want to do a full side conversion they offer inexpensive kitchen pods, add one of these to a rock&roll bed and you quickly have a dayvan camper. You will need to add plumbing and gas installation and any sink, hob, cooker and/or fridge to complete your conversion and you will also need a bed.

Kitline Design have a wide range of pre designed interior kits and so many options, variations and colour combinations you can almost have a unique interior tailored to your exact needs. The kits are supplied flat packed for assembly by yourself. Again this is for the flat pack furniture only. You will still need to do any plumbing and gas work, or get someone to do this for you and you will need appliances and a bed to complete your conversion.


Rock&Roll Beds
This is not an exhaustive list of Rock&Roll bed manufacturers and suppliers for Ford Transit DIY campervan conversions. You need to ensure that you are happy with the quality and safety of the bed you decided on. Many firms have a while you wait fitting service. Here are just three firms who offer Ford Transit compatible beds.

Elevating Roofs
You might want to add an elevating roof or a high top either to provide more sleeping space or just for the comfort and space to stand up.

DIY Campervan Insurance
We can offer insurance for your Ford Transit DIY Campervan project during and after the build with cost effective insurance from a leading company.

DIY Campervan Insurance

Relax and let us take care of your insurance.

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