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Go-Pod Platinum Micro Caravan

Go-Pod Micro Caravan

Looking for a micro tourer that allows you to travel light and offers space for two? Look no further than the Go-Pod Platinum micro tourer. Looking for a small and easy-to-tow caravan that can be hooked up to even the smallest of vehicles? Well, the Go-Pod Platinum micro tourer is exactly what you need! This lightweight caravan is a great option if you want to enjoy the freedom of travel, without the hassle and weight of a larger caravan.

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Choosing a hitch lock

Hitch Lock

Remember a hitch lock is a deterrent and will only slow down someone trying to steal your caravan but underwriters make the assumption that it will reduce the threat of your caravan being stolen. If your policy has a condition that you fit a hitch lock, in specified circumstances, or has an exclusion if you don’t fit one …

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Lightweight two berth for under £9,500

Elddis Xplore 302

The Elddis Xplore range is a lightweight entry level tourer, with a cracking choice of layouts to choose from. It’s the smallest 302 that’s under the spotlight here though. The 302 won over many buyers in the years it was built. Offering a decent spec for the cash these tourers from Elddis make ideal first time buys. Look out for their family models too if your in that market area.

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Lightweight two berth for under £11k

Coachman Wanderer

Want a little extra bit of space and luxury and an end washroom two berth well dealer specials are a good bet. Look out for the Coachman Wanderer 152 a solid tourer that’s got lots going for it. There are older versions around but the 2011 new profile is the one to go for. Made for Wandahome Knottingly dealership the Amara based Wanderer is worth seeking out. You may have to do a little extra searching but the good spec including ATC and modern interior makes it a well worth search.

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Lightweight two berth for under £10k

Lunar Ariva

A pre-owned compact lightweight tourer for just the two of you and your budget is up to 10k top spend? Well if you’re also wanting good spec and wanting a tourer that’s only a few years old then the Lunar Ariva may be a good buy. This tourer has been around since 1995 and even old versions sell quickly in good condition. Prices vary as you check dealerships but we found a 2011 model for under £10,000. Of course if you are prepared to buy private then you could get a decent Ariva for less cash but of course you don’t have any comeback.

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