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Trailer Tent Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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What would happen if camper was damaged on my way to our holiday destination and I am unable to use it as a result?

Your trailer tent insurance policy provides cover for the cost of alternative accommodation. This could for example be for bed and breakfast accommodation or for the hire of a static caravan on-site. See your policy book for limits and details of how to claim.

In the event of an accident or serious damaged caused by another peril covered on the policy and the trailer cannot be towed as a result, the policy also covers you for the cost of towing the caravan/folding camper to the nearest competent repairer and then on to your home or storage address. Unlike many policies this also includes the cost of repatriation from Europe.

We recommend that you check that your car breakdown and recovery service will also deal with your trailer if your car breaks down or your trailer suffers a mechanical breakdown.

Question: What security do I have to use on my trailer tent or folding camper?

Question: Can I loan my camper to family and friends?

Question: Can I take my trailer tent or folding camper to Europe?

Question: What amount will I have to pay as an excess if I have to make a claim?

Question: Are there any exclusions that I need to be aware of?

Question: How do I make a claim?

Question: What do I need to do to insure my folding camper or trailer tent on a new for old basis until it is 10 years old?

Question: Am I legally obliged to have insurance in the UK for a trailer or caravan?

Question: Where can I check if my car is suitable to tow a caravan or folding camper?

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