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Green Card Insurance

EU and EEA Green Card
You will need a Green Card to drive legally in Europe.

Update January 2021
Insurance was not covered in the trade deal and you will therefore need to carry a valid Green Card with you for travel to and within the EU and EEA in your motorhome or campervan. We are providing a free annual Green Card with every motor policy. We reserve the right to make an administration charge to cover the cost of a replacement if you have to request one.

The UK Bureau responsible for Green Cards in the UK has confirmed that your green card can be printed on white paper and does not need to have the country bureau list on the reverse, this can be on a separate piece of paper. We will therefore, wherever possible be providing your Green Card digitally in the form of a secure pdf document attached to an email.

Archived Information – pre 1/1/2021 below

Free annual Green Cards for EU and EEA countries will be provided to all motorhome and campervan clients with new business and renewal documents and if you need one before renewal, this year, we’ll send you one on request. If you are going to leave on a European trip before 29th March 2019 and returning after it would be a good idea to take a Green Card with you. If you are a current client just ask and we will send you one. If you are planning to tow a trailer or caravan in the EU/EEA the current advice we are being given from the MIB(Motor Insurers’ Bureau) is that you will need a separate Green Card for your trailer or caravan. Note: We are not able to provide Green Cards for trailers that are registered separately and require a document showing a registration number other than that of the towing vehicle. The trailer Green Card will show the registration number of the insured motorhome or horsebox.

The reason we don’t currently need a Green Card for EU countries is because of an agreement with the EU that motor insurance for one EU state provides cover for all other EU states. If we leave without a deal that agreement stops and we will need a Green Card.

Touring caravan clients need to contact the insurer of the car they are going to tow the caravan in Europe with. Make sure you tell them that you are towing a caravan and they should be able to include category “F” on the Green Card to include a trailer. It is the responsibility of the car insurer to provide the Green Card, caravan insurers are not responsible for third party insurance for the caravan while it is being towed. The current advice from the ABI and MIB is that you will require a separate Green Card for your caravan or trailer.

Other Essential documents

International Driving Permit
Unless there’s an agreement to the contrary your will need and International Driving Permit that you ca obtain from the PostOffice. Full details here: International Driving Permits

If you are going to Spain, Cyprus, Iceland or Malta passing through other EU countries you will need two different IDPs. Liechtenstein has a third type.

Medical Insurance

The EHIC card was included in the withdrawal agreement. Full details and how to apply for one here:
EHIC card

It is still generally recommended that you take out medical insurance to cover the type of activities that you will be doing while abroad. Ambulances and helicopter ambulances are not covered by EHIC together with other possible medical expenses, take advice before you travel.

Pet Passports
Pet owners who normally travel to Europe with their pets need to be aware of possible changes to this arrangement. This is from the Government web page on the subject:
Pet Travel to Europe after Brexit.

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